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Advanced Transmissions & Emissions is the leader in Phoenix, AZ, auto repair and service. Our team of auto technicians are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best service for your vehicle. As a locally-owned and operated auto repair shop, we make it our priority to ensure to treat our customers with the respect they deserve. Our dedication to our customers means we use only high-quality parts for your parts replacement services, comprehensive warranty options, and unbeatable pricing. Do you have questions about our services, process, or price? Learn more by reading our auto repair FAQs below. Contact us today to schedule your service.

General Information

Can you tow my vehicle?
Yes! At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we offer FREE towing within a thirty-mile radius if we need to keep your vehicle overnight for repairs.  Please call us for more details!

What makes and models do you service?
As your local transmission expert, our team of technicians can work on a variety of makes and models, including Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, and many more.


Can I wait to have my vehicle serviced?
It depends on the repair. Some vehicle owners may wait to have their vehicle serviced. However, we recommend bringing your vehicle in as soon as you notice something wrong with your car. Waiting to get your vehicle serviced can lead to larger, more costly repairs for your car later on.

How long will my service take?
At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, there is no uniform time frame for our auto repair services. The length of time to complete your vehicle repair will vary depending on the issue we find and how difficult it is to make the repairs. Please call us! We understand being without a vehicle can be difficult. We always make sure to provide you with an accurate and timely estimate for repair once we’ve diagnosed your vehicle.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to bring my car in?
Scheduling an appointment is the fast way to ensure that you get your vehicle back as soon as possible. However, we understand that your vehicle doesn’t always give you a warning when it breaks down. That is why we do allow walk-in service. Our team will ensure that you receive timely diagnostics and repair services.

Service Estimates

Do you provide estimates?
Yes! At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we offer a FREE diagnostic service for your vehicle’s transmissions. There will be additional charges if we have to take the vehicle apart. This allows us to provide you with an honest assessment of your car or truck’s repair needs. However, we do not offer free diagnostics on engine repair services.

Will you contact me first before performing repairs?
As a small business, it’s important that we treat all of our customers with the respect they deserve, which means we will never perform repairs without your knowledge. If we notice anything outside of the scope of work being performed, we will bring it to your attention for you to decide if now is the right time for the repair.

Maintenance and Repair

Do I have to pay diagnostic charges even if I think I know what the problem is?
Please contact us to learn more.

How often should I get a tune-up on my vehicle?
Each vehicle manufacturer has its own recommended maintenance schedule. It’s important to follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle running at optimal condition. We recommend you service your transmission once a year or every 25,000 miles.

Can I wait on getting my oil change, or should I drop my vehicle off?
You can do either. Oil changes are an essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Failing to replace your vehicle’s oil can lead to wear and tear on engine parts and ultimately total engine failure. Please call us for more details.

Should I be worried when my “Check Engine” light comes on?
Your vehicle’s check engine light is an easy and convenient way for your vehicle to tell you something is wrong. Should you be worried? Yes. Should you drop your vehicle off at our service center as soon as possible? Yes! Advanced Transmission & Emissions offers comprehensive car services for your vehicle, and we can help ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Choose the Right Transmission and Repair Shop

Advanced Transmission & Emissions has been the leader in transmission repair and replacement services for vehicle owners throughout Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. Our experienced and licensed technicians utilize the latest diagnostic tools to provide reliable and fast repair services for a variety of makes and models. We understand that vehicle repairs don’t always happen when it’s most convenient for you. That is why we offer special, money-saving offers and financing for all of our services. Contact us today to get started.

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