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$100 off All Major Repairs – We Beat Everyone’s Price!
Free Towing – We Offer Free Towing Within a Thirty-Mile Radius for All Major Transmission Repairs at $1,000 or More.

Honest and Trustworthy Transmission Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we specialize in clutch, engine, and transmission repairs on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Our transmission specialists have extensive experience repairing all makes and models. Each one buys into our philosophy of trustworthy, honesty-driven customer service.

Our team provides free towing for all transmission rebuilds over $1,000 within a thirty-mile radius. We offer our auto repairs to Phoenix, AZ residents at low rates.

Most importantly, we produce quick turnaround times, which enable our technicians to get you back on the road.

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Count on Us to Repair Your Vehicle Promptly

Our extensive experience working on all makes and models means we can serve you, no matter what year or type of car you drive, nor what’s wrong. We are famed for our attention to detail and thoroughness. Still, we are proud of our ability to repair most transmissions the same day our customers bring them to us. We pledge to fix your vehicle – no matter the problem – as quickly as we can. Speed, quality, and honesty are watchwords at Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, and our customers are the primary beneficiaries.

We Offer Honest and Forthright Auto Repairs

We believe honesty is the best policy. For instance, when we take a car into our shop, we perform a thorough investigation of its engine and transmission. If we discover a problem with one or more parts in the transmission, and we can replace only those parts – that’s what we will do. We will never suggest a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission when a simple repair will get the job done. The same goes for our engine repairs. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction – not our bottom line.

We Prioritize Our Customers’ Happiness Over Profits

We also want to make our customers’ lives easier. For instance, a broken transmission will not power a vehicle to a shop. Combined with our low prices, most of our customers are surprised at how efficiently and cheaply we can repair, rebuild, or remanufacture a transmission. What is usually a massively costly fix at other shops is stress-free and affordable at ours.

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