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$100 off All Major Repairs – We Beat Everyone’s Price!
Free Towing – We Offer Free Towing Within a Thirty-Mile Radius for All Major Transmission Repairs at $1,000 or More.

Transmission Rebuilding in Phoenix, AZ

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions always strives to find not only the most affordable solution for our customers but the best one for their cars. For instance, we always check whether a repair is an option before moving onto more expensive solutions.

If fixing the transmission isn’t an option, then rebuilding it is the next best thing. During a rebuild, we replace only the parts that have failed. Doing so saves you money and addresses the root options impacting the transmission.

We might replace worn or broken seals, gaskets, clutch, and any other components in rough shape. We have the experience at our Phoenix, AZ transmission rebuilding shop to get the job done.

close up of hands fixing car part

The Many Benefits of Rebuilding a Transmission

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we use the diagnostic phase not only to determine whether there is a transmission problem but which solution will best serve the client. Rebuilding a transmission is an excellent option for motorists who cannot merely repair a broken transmission. But there is a wealth of additional benefits to pursuing this option.

Lower Cost

During a rebuild, Advanced Transmissions & Emissions only replace the parts that caused the transmission failure. In a replacement, we have to install a completely new transmission. Still, a rebuild allows us to address only the problematic pieces.

Improved Performance

When we finish rebuilding the transmission, we will have improved your vehicle’s performance tenfold. It is a reliable and safe procedure that addresses common symptoms of transmission failure.


Most car owners consider gas mileage to be an essential factor when purchasing a vehicle. A rebuilt transmission is more environmentally-friendly than a new one because it does not require as many brand-new parts.

We Keep Costs Low for Our Valued Customers

Every manufacturer uses different processes and parts to construct their transmissions. We have the experience and expertise required to work on every make and model, both foreign and domestic because rebuilding transmissions are our specialty.

We know how to quickly determine the problem, provide an accurate free quote, and develop an effective action plan. Our team is dedicated to doing so with each job because we understand how stressful transmission problems can be.

We aim to reverse the conception that rebuilding a transmission is a massive expense, one satisfied customer at a time.

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