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Affordable Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions aims to make air conditioning repair services affordable for our customers. Air Conditioning parts and are expensive and vital components in Phoenix. A failing cooling system is never a good thing.  We have years of experience repairing ac systems at cheaper rates than they might find elsewhere. Our expertise allows us to locate the source of the problem to make only the needed repairs. That’s how we save our customers so much money. Visit our Phoenix, AZ auto repair shop for vehicle air conditioner repair.

Diagnostic Examinations

The first step in our process is accurately determining the issue. Sometimes a low level of air conditioning refrigerant is the problem. But the only way to know for sure is by testing the vehicle and determining the ac refrigerant levels. If that is not the issue, we will move onto a more thorough diagnosis to determine what is causing the issue. If the refrigerant is not the problem, several avenues are available to us, including repair and replacement of parts. We always attempt to do simple fixes before moving onto more exhaustive – and expensive – solutions.

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Typical Signs of Vehicle Air Conditioning Failure

You don’t have to be a mechanic or car enthusiast to keep an eye on your vehicle's AC system. Understanding the signs of potential failure can make a huge difference. For instance, catching problems earlier can make the difference between minor repairs and major. So, be sure to continuously look out for these common symptoms of air conditioning trouble:

Blowing Warm Air

Vehicles should effortlessly blow cold air into the vehicle's cabin. A damaged or failing compressor will not be able to properly regulate the refrigerant flow in the AC system, and as a result, the AC will not function properly. If your vehicle is blowing warm or hot air, call us.


Leaking Fluid

Get into the habit of periodically taking a look under your car and under the hood before you drive it to see if there are signs of leaking fluids. If the problem is caught early on, hoses, bolts and washers, and gaskets can be replaced for a fraction of the cost while reducing potential damage to major components in your vehicle

Odd Sounds

Loud noises when the AC is turned on are a potential sign of a failing AC compressor. Much like other accessories driven by the engine’s belts, the AC compressor has several components that make it work. If you are hearing loud noises when you turn on your air conditioning, call us and schedule an inspection.

Frozen Clutch or Broken Belts

The clutch on the compressor allows the pulley to engage and disengage from the engine so that the compressor is only turning when it needs to be. If the clutch seizes, it can permanently keep the compressor activated; locked up, and break a belt in the process. Sometimes the clutch can be replaced, but usually replacing the entire compressor turns out to be more cost effective.

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Whether We Repair or Replace, We Do So Honestly

Sometimes, we cannot repair the air conditioning compressor in a vehicle. When the damage is too severe, you can count on us to replace the components of your vehicle's air conditioning system with expertise and as cost-effectively as possible.

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