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We Offer Honest, Fair, and Straightforward Service

Decades of experience serving Phoenix, AZ has taught us that auto repairs shouldn’t cause customers heartache, stress, or a sizeable chunk out of their budget. Instead, repair shops should deliver on their promises, be honest, and work hard to save their customers money. At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, that’s what we do. And while our shop is known for providing high-quality transmission services, we apply our comprehensive approach across the spectrum. Our willingness to tackle all general auto problems is a significant portion of our appeal.

Professional mechanic repairing a car in auto repair shop

General Auto Repairs

All vehicles require maintenance from time to time. A car’s belts and hoses can break and puncture. Batteries die. Engines stop working. Motorists need a repair shop they can trust to figure out the problem quickly and solve the issue efficiently and cheaply. We offer numerous general auto repairs at our shop, including oil changes, air filter replacement, and brake work. We also perform tune-ups, which can extend the lifespan of your vehicle and enhance its performance.

Our Exhaustive Auto and Transmission Repair Services

Transmissions are our bread and butter. We know how to solve complicated problems without burdening our customers with high prices. Bring your vehicle to us if you notice the car shifting on its own, slipping gears, refusing to shift, grinding, and shaking. We can then perform one of the following services:

Transmission Repair

We save our customers money in various ways. For instance, we conduct regular maintenance. Being proactive is the best way to avoid catastrophic problems with the transmission. We also perform only the repairs our customers need.

Transmission Replacement

If we determine that we cannot repair your transmission, replacing it is an option. While this is a major project, we do small things to save customers money and keep the costs from growing out of control.

Transmission Rebuilding

Sometimes, we can rebuild – rather than replace – a transmission. Rebuilding a transmission is different from replacing one. We know when it is best to suggest this course of action to our customers.

Transmission Remanufacturing

While rebuilt transmissions may still contain some original components, a remanufactured transmission does not. It is a piece-by-piece reconstruction of the transmission done according to manufacturer guidelines.

We Deliver on Our Promise of Superior Service

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we strive to create a stress-free experience for our customers. When something goes wrong with a vehicle, most motorists have little idea of what is wrong. We do. We provide a free estimate off the bat, which gives our customers a firm idea of what to expect. From there, our technicians begin performing only the necessary repairs. We never overpromise, underdeliver, or suggest unnecessary repairs.

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