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Affordable Suspension Repair in Phoenix, AZ

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we specialize in servicing various vehicle suspensions to meet our customers' needs. Our skilled team possesses the expertise to precisely identify suspension issues, ensuring that we perform only essential repairs, which translates into substantial cost savings for our valued clients. Suspension problems can significantly impact your driving experience, leading to issues such as uneven tire wear, reduced stability, and diminished ride comfort. It's crucial to address suspension concerns promptly to maintain your vehicle's safety and performance. Contact us and schedule an appointment at our Phoenix, AZ shop for comprehensive suspension repairs.

Diagnostic Examinations

Our process begins with a precise diagnosis to accurately identify any suspension issues. The most reliable method to identify the specific problems affecting your suspension is through a visual inspection of the vehicle's components followed by rigorous testing. Once we've thoroughly assessed these components, we can determine the necessary steps to address and resolve your vehicle's suspension concerns.

We prioritize open communication and will discuss which parts require immediate replacement and those that can be deferred. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive diagnostic examination of your vehicle's suspension at our Phoenix, AZ facility.

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Typical Signs of Suspension Failures

Monitoring your car's suspension doesn't require expertise in mechanics or a passion for automobiles. Fortunately, many suspension problems can be detected through your driving experience. Below, you'll find several telltale signs of potential suspension issues that any driver can notice:

Uneven Tire Wear

Abnormal wear patterns on your tires can indicate suspension problems, suggesting that your wheels are not properly aligned. Addressing suspension issues promptly not only ensures even tire wear but also helps maintain proper road grip and vehicle stability, contributing to safer and more comfortable driving.

Rough Ride

An unusually bumpy or uncomfortable ride, even on relatively smooth roads, might point to suspension issues affecting your vehicle's comfort and stability. If your car continues to bounce excessively after driving over a bump or pothole, it could signify problems with your shocks or struts.

Knocking or Clunking Noises

Unusual sounds, such as knocking or clunking, when driving over uneven terrain can be a sign of worn suspension components. These sounds can be indicative of potential safety concerns, so it's advisable to have your suspension system inspected as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Sagging Ride Height

When springs begin to fail, you may notice some sagging in one or both rear corners of the vehicle. A noticeable drop in the vehicle's ride height can indicate suspension problems, potentially affecting ground clearance and handling. This can also lead to reduced stability in cornering, and diminished overall driving comfort.

Whether We Repair or Replace, We Do So Honestly

Sometimes, we can replace a single piece of the suspension and solve your issues. Oftentimes, it is not that simple and may require multiple items to be replaced. Regardless, after we inspect your vehicle we will recommend replacing worn out or broken parts and let you know about any other issues we find. You can rely on us to recommend affordable solutions to fix your Phoenix vehicle's suspension issues.

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