Meet Our Team

Greg Kaiser


People ask me, are you the last honest mechanic left? Beating the competition, proven day in and day out, after 15 years.

Jack Griffen


Master Technician for 30 years. Gets the job done right the first time!

Jeff Gilmore


25 years experienced, ASE and ATRA Certified, Engine Repair, Engine Performance, L1 Advanced Engine Performance, Air Conditioning, Transmissions, Rebuilder, Electrical. He will bend over backward for the customer.

Hector Aguirre


35 years of experience in rebuilding transmissions on foreign and domestic vehicles. Perfect to the T!

Sergio Esparza


Transmission & Auto mechanic for 27 years. Knowledgeable and efficient.

Miguel Gonzalez


28 years of experience in transmission & auto repair. Very detailed and quick.

Frankie Garza


20 years of automotive mechanical experience. Reliable for the smallest to the biggest jobs!

Transmission Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ’s Advanced Transmissions & Emissions beats everyone’s prices when it comes to engine, clutch, and transmission repairs. And that’s important considering the expensive nature of transmission repair, remanufacturing, and rebuilding. We commit to providing top-tier services at prices anyone can afford. At our automotive repair shop, we pride our relationships with our customers and the role we play in their happiness with their vehicles. The result of our dedication to you is a well-earned reputation for the best transmission services in the area!

Our Comprehensive Engine and Transmission Services

We offer a wide range of engine and transmission services to our clients, helping them stay on the road and keep their cars, trucks, and SUVs in tip-top shape. Our mechanics are fully trained and understand the ins-and-outs of all vehicles. We offer the following services:

  • Transmission RepairNobody wants to hear that their transmission is going bad and requires repairs. But we strive to provide affordable and accessible transmission repairs to all makes and models. We offer free diagnostics before proceeding with any work. There will be an additional diagnostic charge on some transmissions.
  • Transmission RebuildingSometimes, during a transmission rebuild, only a minor repair is needed. You may not have to have your transmission rebuilt. We replace the parts with OEM specifications for qualified repairs to save you money.
  • Transmission RemanufacturingRemanufactured transmissions are close to replacement transmissions, with one small difference. During a remanufacture, we use brand-new parts to reconstruct a bad transmission from the ground up.
  • Clutch RepairThe clutch is closely related to the transmission, so of course, we offer repairs to them as part of our services. We can repair the link between the engine and transmission quickly and efficiently and save you money in the process.
  • Engine RepairYour car, truck, or SUV’s engine is a complex arrangement of parts and components. When smoke billows from the hood or you hear unusual noises, you require a professional mechanic who can find and fix the problem. We offer solutions at great rates.

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