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Remanufactured Transmission Installation

We understand how many people feel about their cars. Remanufactured transmissions are perfect for motorists who want to drive a vehicle with a transmission that is as close to brand-new as possible. All the core materials – such as the valve body and converter – come directly from the manufacturer, brand-new. We perform this process according to your vehicle’s precise manufacturing guidelines, as well. We also thoroughly test the car after finishing the work to ensure it drives the same as it used to.

Expert Installation

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions has years of experience specializing in installing remanufactured transmissions. While we always try to repair or rebuild a transmission, some damage is too extensive for those solutions. For Phoenix, AZ motorists, transmission remanufacturing is another option. This technique is similar to replacing a transmission but differs in a few ways. We order a manufacturer-approved transmission and install it in our shop. Each transmission will contain factory-built parts that rise to both our standards and those of our suppliers. In some cases, purchasing a remanufactured unit is cheaper than hiring us to replace hundreds of individual parts.

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Why Choose Remanufacturing a Transmission

The difference between a rebuilt and remanufactured transmission is subtle. While both result in a working transmission, a remanufactured transmission has extra assurances. In many cases, the work is done at the manufacturer level, and we then install the rebuilt transmission ourselves. When we remanufacture a transmission, we can guarantee we use current (and brand-new) parts to reconstruct it. While our rebuilding process is effective, we typically use recycled parts to rebuild the transmission, saving our customers money. If you desire factory-certified parts more than saving money, then remanufacturing is the right route to take.

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Whether We Repair or Replace, We Do So Honestly

Sometimes, we cannot repair a transmission. When the damage is too severe, there are other options. Rebuilding and installing remanufactured transmission are two standard solutions to transmission problems. We have the experience to install your new remanufactured transmission.

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