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Affordable Steering System Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions aims to make steering system repair services fast and easy. Rack and pinion, or power steering pumps are expensive and vital components in any vehicle. We have years of experience repairing steering systems with rack and pinions or a parallelogram system at cheaper rates than they might find elsewhere. Our expertise allows us to locate the source of the problem to make only the needed repairs. That’s how we save our customers so much money. Visit our Phoenix, AZ shop for steering system repairs.

Diagnostic Examinations

The first step in our process is accurately determining the issue you are having with your steering. The only way to know for sure is by thoroughly diagnosing the vehicle and determining what is causing the issue. Steering systems are complex and can be as cheap of a fix as a power steering belt or as complex as replacing the entire rack and pinion. We always recommend replacing the worn-out or broken parts to get the vehicle driving again. We have decades of combined experience replacing tie rod ends or adjusting sleeves, drag links, pitman arms, center links, power steering pumps, swaybars, and idler arms. Give us a call to inspect your vehicle and keep it mechanically safe for the road.

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Typical Signs of Steering Issues

You don’t have to be a mechanic or weekend garage warrior to keep an eye on your vehicle. Understanding the signs of steering failure can make a huge difference. For instance, catching problems earlier can make the difference between minor repairs and steering parts failing while driving. So, be sure to continuously look out for these common symptoms and bring them in to have us inspect your vehicle.

Noises When Turning

Whining noises are usually heard when you turn the vehicle, it could be a number of things depending on your vehicle, from a failing rack and pinion, worn out tie rod ends, pitman arms, center link, idler arms to a power steering pump belt.

Noises When Turning Vehicle on

Squealing noises come when the vehicle first starts. The squealing noise will come from under the hood of your vehicle and is a sign your power steering pump may be going bad and causing the belt to slip.

Fluids Under Your Vehicle

Get into the habit of periodically taking a look under your car and under the hood before you drive it to see if there are signs of leaking fluids. If the problem is caught early on, hoses, bolts and washers, and gaskets can be replaced for a fraction of the cost while reducing potential damage to major components in your vehicle.

Difficult to Turn

One of the most obvious issues with a power steering pump is when the steering wheel becomes very hard to turn. This is especially noticeable when you are not moving and turn the steering wheel. When power steering pumps start to fail they can also engage and disengage making it difficult to know how you should turn and if the pump is going to work. If you notice any steering problems, call us immediately.

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Whether We Repair or Replace, We Do So Honestly

Sometimes, we can replace a power steering belt and fix your steering issues or add more fluid to the power steering pump reservoir. Oftentimes, it is not that simple. Regardless, after we inspect your vehicle we will recommend replacing worn out or broken parts and let you know about any other issues we find. You can rely on us to recommend affordable solutions to fix your vehicle's steering system issues.

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