Car Tips for Students Heading to College

It’s that time of the year. Summer is ending and kids are heading back to school, and for some Phoenix area parents that means sending their child off to college. This is a super exciting and important time in anyone’s life and if they are driving off with their vehicle, the last thing you want to happen is for them to end up delayed and stalled on the side of the road. We are going to review some car tips for students heading to college to ensure their vehicle is ready for the journey and will work for them while they are away.

Car Tips for Students Heading to College

Taking a vehicle to college is an added benefit for many college students; however, it can be stressful for parents. There are things you can do to prepare your student’s vehicle for the journey ahead and get the driver ready for any vehicle related problems they may face. Let’s review.

  • Know the Basics About the Vehicle: There are a few basic things that everyone should know about their vehicle, and with a college student being away from home, these things may be more valuable to know now than ever. Being aware of the vehicle’s maintenance schedule, watching for the check engine light, knowing what to do if there are signs of the vehicle overheating, and understanding the recommended tire weight, are just a few of things that are important.
  • Have the Vehicle Serviced: Just like you should prepare your vehicle for a road trip, you should make sure that the student’s car, truck, or SUV is ready for the trip ahead and possibly to sit for long periods of time without being driven. One of the best car tips for students heading to college is for them to have their vehicle serviced ahead of hitting the road. Having an automotive repair professional check over the vehicle can help to identify if there are any issues looming, before the student is away from home.
  • Understand How to Jump the Vehicle: Before taking a vehicle away to school, college bound students should know how to jump start their car. On many college campuses vehicles are not readily available and can go without being driven for months at a time, causing the battery to lose power. The vehicle’s usage pattern is one factor contributing to the rate at which a battery will age. Batteries in cars, trucks, or SUVs driven mainly for short trips may not fully recharge and batteries in vehicles parked for extended periods naturally self-discharge. Because the battery may be dead when the student goes to drive the vehicle, it is a good idea to have jumper cables in the car and a general understanding of how to tackle getting the battery charged again.
  • Locate Local Automotive Repair Shops: In case something goes wrong with the vehicle while the student is at college, it is good for them to be aware of acceptable local automotive repair shops. Doing the research proactively, before maintenance or a repair is needed, can save time and stress, and ensure that a good trustworthy mechanic is working on the vehicle.

Going off to school is a big step in anyone’s life, and if a vehicle is going with them, it’s important to know that it is ready for the trip and the student knows how to handle some basic obstacles. While we have reviewed some car tips for students heading to college, we know that the vehicle could be the last thing on your list of preparations before the big departure.

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