Facts You May Not Know About Your Transmission

Vehicles are complex, especially in today’s era. There are a lot of parts in your Phoenix, AZ car, truck, or SUV that keep you moving down the road safely and effectively. A car’s transmission is one of the most critical components of the vehicle. Because the transmission is under your car’s hood and often not seen, many drivers don’t know much about this crucial part of their vehicle that is responsible for allowing them to shift gears and keep driving. Since we know how important your transmission is to the functioning of your vehicle, we are going to review some facts you may not know about your transmission.

Types of Transmissions

Your transmission can be manual or automatic (there is also a semi-automatic transmission, which is less common). Regardless of what type of transmission you have, it’s the part of your vehicle that moves the power from the engine to the wheels, which in turn, rotates the wheels. To keep it simple, your transmission is what makes your wheels move and enables the gear ratio between the drive wheels and engine to adjust as the car slows down and speeds up.

  • Automatic Transmission: An automatic transmission (sometimes abbreviated to auto or AT) is a multi-speed transmission used in motor vehicles that does not require any driver input to change gears, under normal driving conditions. Most drivers with an automatic transmission have little to no intervention with their transmission when it comes to shifting gears. An automatic transmission has no clutch pedal and once the transmission is in “drive”, everything is automatic.
  • Manual Transmission: Vehicles with a manual transmission have a clutch pedal which unlocks the gears so you can safely shift from one gear into the next. With a manual transmission, the driver has to do the work to change gears and it is not involuntary like with an automatic transmission. A manual transmission vehicle requires more effort and concentration from the driver than its automatic counterpart.

Facts You May Not Know About Your Transmission

Automatic vehicles are much more common than manual cars, trucks, and SUVs in the United States. Below, we are going to review some other facts you may not know about your transmission.  

  • Automatic Transmission Adoption: The automatic transmission was introduced in the 1939. General Motors first introduced the Hydramatic, an automatic transmission, in the 1939 Oldsmobile and Cadillac models. This was the first mass produced automatic style transmission developed for the passenger automobile.
  • Transmission Fluid: Both manual and automatic transmissions use transmission fluid. Transmission fluid lubricates the components of the vehicle’s transmission for optimum performance and keeps the parts from grinding down as they move. Transmission fluid issues account for the majority of problems with a transmission.

Phoenix, AZ Transmission Professionals

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, transmissions are our bread and butter. We know how to solve complicated problems without burdening our customers with high prices. Bring your vehicle to us if you notice the car shifting on its own, slipping gears, refusing to shift, grinding, and shaking.

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions aims to make transmission repair services more accessible and cheaper for our customers. Transmissions are expensive and vital components in any vehicle. A failing transmission is never a good thing. However, we have years of experience repairing transmissions at cheaper rates than they might find elsewhere.

Transmissions are complicated. But we understand them better than most. Our expertise allows us to locate the source of the problem to make only the needed repairs. That’s how we save our customers so much money. Visit our Phoenix, AZ shop for transmission repair.

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