How a Performance Clutch can Make a Difference in Your Vehicle

Not everyone sets out to be a race car driver, or even enjoys driving fast or off-roading; however, if your vehicle is need of a clutch repair or replacement, or you are just considering upgrading yours, you have options. One of those options, a performance clutch, can make a difference in your vehicle and up its performance. Is a performance clutch right for you and your vehicle?

What’s the Difference Between a Standard Clutch and Performance Clutch?

The clutch is one of the last things people think about when it comes to their vehicles; however, the type of clutch you have, can make a difference in how your vehicle performs when off-road, going fast, and in other scenarios.

A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages power transmission in your vehicle. The clutch acts as a mechanical linkage between the engine and transmission; and briefly disconnects, or separates the engine from the transmission system; therefore, the drive wheels, whenever the pedal is depressed, allowing the driver to smoothly change gears. To put it simply, the clutch essentially transfers rotational power from the engine to the wheels.

A standard clutch is just that, standard. Most vehicle’s come with a standard factory clutch. This type of clutch is suited for the average driver. It does its job and will get you from place to place as it should. A standard clutch should be able to deal with the torque figure your engine traditionally puts out.

A performance clutch can make a difference in your vehicle. These aftermarket clutches are designed for additional gripping power, can handle more torque, are better for tough operating conditions, and typically last much longer than your vehicle’s traditional clutch. If you drive aggressively or in off-road conditions often, a performance clutch is better suited for you and your vehicle.

How can a Performance Clutch can Make a Difference in Your Vehicle?

If you are thinking about replacing your clutch, there are benefits to upgrading to a performance clutch.

  • Lightweight: Performance clutches are usually made from lightweight materials and feature designs that help reduce the vehicle’s weight even further. In general, less weight aids performance, ride quality, and other factors.
  • Add Power: Performance clutches are designed to increase your car’s power by transmitting more torque from the engine to the wheels. Because these clutches weigh less, the amount of energy necessary to overcome inertia is reduced.
  • Improve Fuel Economy: These clutches are not just about power and performance, when it comes to daily driving, due to the lighter weight, your vehicle will use less fuel.
  • Enhanced Performance: If you happen to enjoy racing or going off-roading, a performance clutch can improve your ride. The combination of less weight and better power transfer to the wheels, will allow your vehicle to go much faster than with a standard clutch.

What Type of Clutch is Right for Your Vehicle?

The right choice of clutch for your vehicle depends on a mix of how much torque your vehicle makes, and what you’re using it for. If you are a normal driver and standardly don’t push your vehicle fast and hard, a traditional clutch can work great for you. If you like to race and go off-roading, a performance clutch can make a difference in your vehicle.

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