How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Many people love their vehicles and can’t imagine not always having them around. Like most things, your car, truck, or SUV likely will not last forever; however, there are some things that you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. Let’s review how you can ensure your beloved vehicle is around and in working condition as long as it possibly can be.

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

As we all know, vehicles are not cheap, so the longer you can keep yours driving safely down the road (especially without unexpected repairs), the better. Below we review how you can take matters into your own hands and extend the life of your vehicle.

  • Check the Fluids Regularly: To keep your car, truck, or SUV on the road, the vehicle’s fluids are an important part of its operation and should be checked on a regular basis. Ensure they are at the proper levels and are not dirty or contaminated. Some of the most important fluids for your vehicle include: engine oil, transmission fluid, coolants, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. A survey by the Car Care Council, found that around 22% of cars had low or dirty engine oil, 17% had low coolant levels, and 27% had low or contaminated washer fluid.
  • Change and Check Oil Frequently: As mentioned above, oil changes are an essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Failing to replace your vehicle’s oil can lead to wear and tear on engine parts and ultimately total engine failure. Every vehicle is different, so you should check your owner’s manual to know when it is recommended for you to have an oil change on your specific car or truck. Also, depending on your driving conditions, you may need an oil change sooner than recommended. Be sure to regularly check your oil to ensure it’s not low or dirty. Dirty and/or low oil can harm your vehicle by damaging engine parts, decreasing fuel efficiency, or even triggering an engine breakdown.
  • Maintain Clean Air Filters: Your vehicle’s air filters are important to ensure proper airflow throughout your car, truck, or SUV, and it is imperative that you regularly check the air filters and replace them when needed. When your air filters become soiled and obstructed, the air that your vehicle needs to function cannot flow properly, which can cause performance issues and other problems.
  • Proper Tire Pressure: Your tires are the direct connection between your vehicle and the road, so ensuring they are within the recommended tire pressure range is essential. Proper tire inflation will help the tires handle better and last longer, help to improve fuel efficiency, and keep you and your vehicle safe. Improper tire pressure reduces control of the car in all conditions; proper inflation is important.
  • Regular Maintenance: Even if the check engine light doesn’t pop on, you should have your vehicle inspected by a professional automotive repair team from time to time. You can also schedule vehicle tune-ups. A vehicle tune-up is a type of preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to function well. A tune-up is typically regularly scheduled and offers the chance for you to get all of the preventive maintenance your car needs at that time. When you have a vehicle tune-up performed, it will usually include the replacement of several important wear-and-tear parts. Failure to replace these parts can result in decreased performance and other problems with your car, truck, or SUV.
  • Don’t Ignore Signs of Problems: If your vehicle is making new sounds, smells, vibrations or other feelings, don’t ignore them. Take your car, truck, or SUV to a professional right away. Watch for the check engine light to signal problems looming, but even if that doesn’t come on, you should not disregard when your vehicle is trying to tell you something. If your check engine light comes on, it could be for various reasons; however, they all mean that there is an issue with your vehicle and you should get to your local Phoenix service center as soon as possible.

We have reviewed a few of the key things that you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. Extending its longevity doesn’t have to be hard and basically just requires proper maintenance and care. Advanced Transmissions & Emissions cares about you and your vehicle and is here to help you ensure that it is around as long as possible.

Decades of experience serving Phoenix, AZ has taught us that auto repairs shouldn’t cause customers heartache, stress, or a sizeable chunk out of their budget. Instead, repair shops should deliver on their promises, be honest, and work hard to save their customers money. At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, that’s what we do. And while our shop is known for providing high-quality transmission services, we apply our comprehensive approach across the spectrum. Our willingness to tackle all general auto problems is a significant portion of our appeal.

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