How to Prevent Your Car Windows From Fogging up

When you hop in your vehicle, ready to hit the road, and realize that you can’t see out of your windows, it can be very inconvenient, especially if you are in a hurry. Just because we don’t get snow and ice during this time of the year like a lot of the rest of the country, that doesn’t mean that we can avoid the occasional fog covered windows. We are going to review how to prevent your car windows from fogging up, so you can see clearly when you are driving down the road.

What Causes Vehicle Windows to Fog up

Most people have heard the song, “I Can See Clearly Now”, by Johnny Nash, and when you get in your vehicle only to find out that you can’t, it can really set a negative tone. It can slow down your day and if left unattended, cause a safety hazard. Before we get into how to prevent your car windows from fogging up, we wanted to review why this even happens in the first place.

The main reasons that car windows fog up are because of humidity, heat, and condensation. The most common cause of car window fog is condensation. This happens when the temperature of the inside of the car is very different from the temperature outside the car. Car window fog can occur during any season of the year and can come on when you are least expecting it.

What to do if You Have Foggy Windows

Having foggy windows, as we noted, can be an inconvenience. You aren’t really thinking about preventing this problem when you are facing it head on, you just want to fix it in the moment.

There are some things you can do if you find yourself with foggy vehicle windows.

  • Use your windshield wipers to clear away the moisture.
  • Balance the temperature inside your vehicle with the outside temperatures.
    • If the weather is cooler outside than in your vehicle, run the AC.
    • Turn up the heat if the inside of your car is colder than the outdoors.
  • Open a window.

How to Prevent Your Car Windows From Fogging up

The best way to ensure you can see clearly when you are ready to hit the road, is to prevent your car windows from fogging up in the first place. You can take steps to help you avoid a cloudy view in your future. We review some tips below.

  • Keep your windows and windshield clean. Dirt makes it easier for fog to build up on windows, so making sure yours are clear of any road debris or other dirt is key.
  • Use anti-fog spray. There are several anti-fogging sprays on the market that you apply after cleaning the interior of the windshield. Make sure you follow the product instructions for the best results.
  • Remove all damp items from your vehicle. Beverages, umbrellas, wet clothing, etc., can all create moisture and lead to you having foggy windows. Remove all damp or wet items when you exit your vehicle.
  • Pay attention for any leaks. If you notice a leak in your vehicle, it can cause your windows to fog up. Ask a mechanic about any leaks that you have noticed, so they can resolve the issue for you as soon as possible.

Having windows that you can’t see out of make for a dangerous driving situation and can be frustrating. The best way to ensure you can see out of your windows is to follow the above tips for how to prevent your car windows from fogging up, and also ensuring you always have windshield wipers that are in good working condition.

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