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Affordable Transmission Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Transmissions are expensive and vital components in any vehicle. At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions we aim to make transmission repair services more accessible and cheaper for our customers. A failing transmission is never a good thing. We have years of experience repairing transmissions at cheaper rates than you will find elsewhere. While transmissions can be intricate, our in-depth understanding enables us to pinpoint the root causes of problems, ensuring that we only perform necessary repairs. This approach translates into substantial cost savings for our customers. Visit our Phoenix, AZ shop for transmission repair.

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Our process begins with a precise diagnosis to identify the underlying issue accurately. Sometimes the transmission may not be the culprit. The only way to confirm the root cause is through a comprehensive vehicle inspection, which helps us pinpoint the specific issue. If the transmission is indeed the source of the problem, we have several options at our disposal, including repairrebuildingremanufacturing, and replacement.

Transmission repair involves replacing only the essential components necessary to restore the vehicle to working order. We always prioritize this cost-effective approach before considering more extensive and potentially costly solutions. It's important to understand that transmission repair may not always be feasible, especially if critical components are severely damaged or beyond repair.

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Typical Signs of Transmission Failure

You don’t have to be a mechanic or car enthusiast to keep an eye on your transmission. Understanding the signs of transmission failure can make a huge difference. For instance, catching problems earlier can make the difference between minor repairs and a completely rebuilt transmission. So, be sure to continuously look out for these common symptoms of transmission trouble:


Delayed or Rough Shifting

Vehicles should effortlessly shift from one gear to the next, almost without the driver noticing. If you experience a delay in gear engagement or the sensation of harsh, jerky shifts, it could indicate transmission trouble.

Fluid Leaks

Get into the habit of taking a second to look under your car before you drive it. Puddles or spots of red or brown transmission fluid under your parked vehicle may signify a leak in the transmission system.

Slipping Gears

Slipping gears refer to when your vehicle suddenly shifts when it shouldn’t. Your vehicle may unexpectedly change gears without input or have difficulty staying in the right gear, which can result in a distinct surge or a reduction in power.

Unusual Noises

A vehicle should shift gears quietly. Strange sounds like whining, clunking, or grinding when shifting gears can be signs of internal transmission issues. Any car or truck that produces a loud thud or any other noise as it shifts is struggling.

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Whether We Repair or Replace, We Do So Honestly

Sometimes, we cannot repair a transmission. When the damage is too severe, there are other options.

Rebuilding and remanufacturing are two standard solutions to transmission problems. You can count on us not to rebuild a transmission when a repair would do. Still, you can also rely on us to find affordable solutions if we rebuild the entire transmission

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