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$100 off All Major Repairs – We Beat Everyone’s Price!
Free Towing – We Offer Free Towing Within a Thirty-Mile Radius for All Major Transmission Repairs at $1,000 or More.

Why Choose Advanced Transmissions & Emissions

It makes an enormous difference where you take your vehicle for repairs. Many auto repair shops care more about their bottom line than they do about you. They overload customers with hidden charges, make unneeded repairs, and more because they know their customers don’t know cars as they do. That’s not the case at Advanced Transmissions & Emissions. We offer a simplified process based on honesty and an accurate free estimate. When you need engine repairs in Phoenix, AZ, place your vehicle in our honest hands.

Repairing V10 engine in auto repair

Engine Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you were in an accident or smoke is billowing from the hood, you need a capable mechanic. Bring your car to Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, and we will identify the source of the problem and begin working immediately. We offer cost-effective and comprehensive engine repairs.

We set ourselves apart through commitments to quality and customer service. We can help with repairs to radiators, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, ignition coils, gas caps, and much more. We work on all makes and models, both foreign and domestic, so don’t hesitate to visit us today.

How to Prevent Expensive Engine Fixes

While cars and trucks might seem complicated, self-maintenance is easier than you might think. Motorists can keep their eyes out for several common indicators of engine trouble. Doing so enables them to catch problems before they morph into more expensive situations. For instance, when your check engine light comes on, visit us immediately. There could be a problem with the engine or the electronics that power the light. Noises, decreased gas mileage, stalling engines, and odd odors all indicate a vast array of engine problems. The best way to prevent them is by being proactive. We can help.

We Emphasize Trust and Honesty in All Our Interactions

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions, we work hard to provide our customers with a streamlined, easy-to-trust process. Our mechanics are friendly and explain cars in a user-friendly manner. By carefully defining what is wrong with your engine, we ensure we fix what we need to as affordably as possible.

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