What a Smell can Tell you About your Transmission

As we have said before, you don’t have to be a mechanic to notice when your vehicle may be having issues. Your senses, especially your smell, can help you identify a problem that even your vehicle’s sensors and check engine light may not recognize. Could your vehicle be having transmission problems right under your nose? We are going to review what a smell can tell you about your transmission, so you know what to be on the lookout, or should we say smell, for, to prevent more serious issues.

Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle.

A car’s transmission is one of the most critical components of the vehicle. It’s what moves the power from the engine to the wheels, which in turn, rotates the wheels. To keep it simple, your transmission is what makes your wheels move and enables the gear ratio between the drive wheels and engine to adjust as the car slows down and speeds up.

There are different types of car transmissions: automatic and manual. The exact way your transmission works is based on the on the type of transmission. Regardless of the type of transmission, your transmission turns all of the motion in your engine into something that gets and keeps your car moving. Without a functioning transmission, your vehicle simply won’t drive, making it key to keeping you and your vehicle on the road.

What different smells can tell you about your transmission.

As we have reviewed before, it’s important to take note of different smells that come from your vehicle, so you can diagnose potential issues early. This is especially true when it comes to your transmission. If something doesn’t smell right or normal when you are driving, there is likely a problem with your Phoenix vehicle, and it should not be ignored.

Let’s review what a smell can tell you about your transmission.

  • Sweet: If you notice a sweet sugary or maple smell around your vehicle, there may be leaking transmission fluid. Your transmission relies on transmission fluid to lubricate the moving parts inside your transmission; if it is leaking, there is an issue. This fluid is typically red and will usually drip from underneath your car, indicating that there is likely worn seals or gaskets, a loose transmission pan, damaged housings, or other issues with your transmission.
  • Burning: Let’s face it, whenever you vehicle smells like it is burning, that is not a good thing. If you smell a burning odor while you are driving or maybe outside of your car after turning it off, you may have low or overheated transmission fluid. A burnt smell coming from your transmission, indicates that the transmission fluid has broken down and the system is burning too hot, leading to an increase in friction and corrosive activity in the engine.

Signs of transmission failure.

Understanding when you have a failing transmission or other ailments with your vehicle can be difficult. You don’t just need to pay attention to the smells your transmission is producing, you should always watch for other signs of transmission failure. Catching a problem early can mean the difference between a minor and major repair.

If you notice new smells coming from your transmission or have other signs of transmission failure, Advanced Transmissions & Emissions is here to help.

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