What is Transmission Remanufacturing?

A failing transmission, could mean the end of your time with your Phoenix, AZ vehicle; however, it doesn’t have to. Because transmissions are such a vital part to your car, truck, or SUV’s operation, if you have signs of problems with your transmission, they cannot be ignored. When your transmission is giving you an indication that there are issues, you have options. We are going to review one of those options, transmission remanufacturing, to help you better understand how it differs from transmission repair and/or transmission rebuilding. So, what is transmission remanufacturing?

What is Transmission Remanufacturing?

When there are issues with your transmission, usually repairing or rebuilding the transmission are the first options; however, some damage is too extensive for those solutions. For Phoenix, AZ motorists, transmission remanufacturing is another option.

This technique is similar to replacing a transmission but differs in a few ways. With transmission remanufacturing, the transmission repair team will order a manufacturer-approved transmission and install it in their shop. Each transmission will contain factory-built parts that are up to standards. In some cases, purchasing a remanufactured unit is cheaper than having a repair with replacement of hundreds of individual parts or a full transmission replacement.

To put it simply, remanufactured transmissions are close to replacement transmissions, with one small difference. During a remanufacture, brand-new parts are used to reconstruct a bad transmission from the ground up.

Why Choose Transmission Remanufacturing?

The difference between a rebuilt and remanufactured transmission is subtle. While both lead to a working transmission, a remanufactured transmission has extra assurances. In many cases, the work is done at the manufacturer level. When a transmission is remanufactured, current (and brand-new) parts are used to reconstruct it.

The transmission rebuilding process is effective; however, recycled parts are typically used to rebuild the transmission. If you desire factory-certified parts more than saving money, then remanufacturing is the right route to take.

Remanufactured transmissions are perfect for Phoenix area motorists who want to drive a vehicle with a transmission that is as close to brand-new as possible. All the core materials, such as the valve body and converter, come directly from the manufacturer and are new.

Visit Advanced Transmissions & Emissions for Transmission Remanufacturing

At Advanced Transmissions & Emissions we understand how people feel about their vehicles and are here to help you extend the life of your car, truck, or SUV.

While we specialize in remanufacturing transmissions, we can repair and rebuild them too. We always start with repairs. When we perform a free estimate, we figure out the extent of the damage first. This allows us to make an accurate recommendation. Repairs are always the cheapest solution. However, if we must perform more work, then rebuilding or remanufacturing is the next step. If you opt to rebuild the components, we will clean and inspect each part and replace what we need to with recyclable components. They vary wildly and usually only have a small warranty.

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions has years of experience specializing in transmission repairs. Contact us today if you are experiencing transmission issues. Visit us or fill out our online form for service.

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