Benefits of a Transmission Rebuild

A vehicle’s transmission is one of the most critical components of the vehicle. We will keep this simple, if yours fails, you will not be able to drive. If you have ever had transmission issues, you likely already know, they can be costly to diagnose and repair, and sometimes can be unfixable. If fixing the transmission isn’t an option, then rebuilding it can be the next best thing. What are the benefits of a transmission rebuild? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Transmission Rebuild?

Rebuilding a transmission takes apart the vehicle’s transmission and replaces the damaged parts before reassembling it again. During a rebuild, instead of completely replacing the transmission, only the parts that have failed are replaced. This saves money and addresses the root cause or causes impacting the transmission. Worn or broken seals, gaskets, clutch, and any other components that are in rough shape may be replaced, basically making your transmission function like new again.

Rebuilding a transmission is the best, or most popular option, for anyone who wants to avoid spending a lot of money to replace a worn-out or severely damaged transmission with a brand-new one. It is also a good alternative to just putting a “Band Aid” fix on a transmission that has problems, as it will resolve the issues long term.

Benefits of a Transmission Rebuild

Rebuilding a transmission is an excellent option for vehicle owners who cannot merely repair a broken transmission or afford to have an entirely new one installed. Some of the main benefits of a transmission rebuild are detailed below.

  • Cost Savings: Let’s start with the obvious, and most important for most people, and that’s the money savings. A transmission rebuild is cheaper than a brand new transmission, and while it may be more expensive than just replacing one or two broken parts, in the long run, it will save you money. This option will save you a lot of expenses down the road as you will no longer have to deal with ongoing problems and repeat issues that will cost you more over time with constant repairs.
  • Improved Performance: A rebuilt transmission handled by a professional mechanic will provide top-notch performance over another with severe internal damage that has only undergone a quick fix for repairs needed. Rebuilding your vehicle transmission is an excellent option for getting it back to good condition. A transmission rebuild makes this critical vehicle component to be in like-new condition, and that means more dependable and smooth performance.
  • Shorter Repair Time: If you own an older vehicle model, getting a brand new transmission is next to impossible and finding a used transmission can also be a hassle and require extra time for inspection. Rebuilding the transmission will take less time. Usually in less than a week you will have your vehicle back, with a transmission that runs like new.
  • Extended Vehicle Life: One of the main benefits of a transmission rebuild is that it extends the life of your beloved vehicle. If you have a damaged or faulty transmission that isn’t performing exactly as it should, it will put strain on other vehicle components, ultimately leading to issues with them as well. Rebuilding your transmission to run like new again can help protect other vehicle parts and extend the overall lifespan of your car, truck or SUV.

Phoenix Transmission Rebuild

Now that we have reviewed the benefits of a transmission rebuild, if you find yourself with transmission problems over and over again, you are probably ready to learn more about rebuilding yours. Advanced Transmissions & Emissions are the Phoenix transmission experts you are looking for.

Every manufacturer uses different processes and parts to construct their transmissions. We have the experience and expertise required to work on every make and model, both foreign and domestic because rebuilding transmissions are our specialty. We know how to quickly determine the problem, provide an accurate free quote, and develop an effective action plan.

Our team is dedicated to doing so with each job because we understand how stressful transmission problems can be. Contact us to request an appointment today.

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