What Does a Tight Steering Wheel Feel Like?

Have you ever been driving along as usual and notice that something just isn’t right with your vehicle, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Many vehicle owners don’t realize that their car, truck, or SUV is in need of repair, until it is unfortunately too late to be proactive and they are faced with the challenge of how to safely drive it to their local Phoenix automotive shop. An issue that drivers can face is having power steering that either isn’t working at all, or is very difficult to turn. What does a tight steering wheel feel like? While you may be thinking, “Duh, tight”, what does that really mean? We are going to review so you can easily identify what may be making your steering wheel so hard to turn and signs that you have this problem.

What is Your Vehicle’s Steering System?

Before we jump into what a tight steering wheel feels life, we are going to review what the steering system is.

The steering system transfers the rotation of the steering wheel to the steering shaft on the vehicle, to move the wheels left or right. In most vehicles, this is done through the rack and pinion steering system. Power steering or power-assisted steering provides extra energy to help turn the wheels so just about everyone can spin the wheel with ease. Power steering is generally provided by electrical or hydraulic power.

Power steering makes it easier for you to steer your car. Whenever the power steering system fails to perform correctly, it becomes harder to turn the steering wheel and can make driving your Phoenix vehicle more difficult. This can ultimately lead to more problems on the road and costly repairs.

What Does a Tight Steering Wheel Feel Like?

Difficulty turning your steering wheel is one of the most obvious issues with power steering. A tight steering wheel can be hard to turn and take much more effort than it should. If the steering wheel becomes very hard to turn, this can be a sign that there are some underlying steering issues. If you feel like it is getting more difficult and strenuous to steer the wheel, there could be a problem with your power steering, low power steering fluid, a fluid leak, or worn parts. While what is considered “tight” for each person will be different, if you notice your vehicle’s steering doesn’t seem to be as seamless as it once was, you may have a problem.

As mentioned, having a tight steering wheel can be caused by multiple things: low power steering fluid, lose or damaged belts, power steering plump failure, faulty steering rack, and more. Regardless of the cause, if your steering wheel is difficult to turn, there is a problem and it needs addressed sooner rather than later. No one wants to end up not being able to control their vehicle due to their inability to steer it.

Phoenix Steering Experts

Advanced Transmissions & Emissions aims to make steering system repair services fast and easy. Rack and pinion, or power steering pumps are expensive and vital components in any vehicle. We have years of experience repairing steering systems with rack and pinions or a parallelogram system at cheaper rates than you will likely find elsewhere.

Sometimes, we can replace a power steering belt and fix your steering issues or add more fluid to the power steering pump reservoir. Oftentimes, it is not that simple. Regardless, after we inspect your vehicle we will recommend replacing worn out or broken parts and let you know about any other issues we find. You can rely on us to recommend affordable solutions to fix your vehicle’s steering system issues.

Give us a call to inspect your vehicle and keep it mechanically safe for the road.

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